Rochelle. 22. Australian. Manuel Neuer is my spirit animal.

Football is life. Bayern München, Real Madrid, Arsenal F.C., Deutsche Fußballnationalmannschaft.

I'm also a new (and passionate) tennis fan. Roger + Rafa 5eva, kthnx.

Tags of significance: OTP // boyfriends.

Mats Hummels world cup moments

Miroslav Klose after the World Cup Final

You can't run from this


5/??? footballers: miroslav klose


 Leendert Buteijn

The Entrances

best of world cup 2014 । part 3


Fake Geek Girls (x)

Toni Kroos animating the crowd to sing for Klose.

Miro Klose, Miro Klose, Miro Klose, du bist der beste Mann!

The Germany national team presents the trophy to ‘Seven Nation Army’.